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My dear curious one

I have been waiting for you to arrive at this page. My name is Ayush and I am the author of the essays listed below, touching upon the essence of Life, Existence and Lifemaker. I have been through (a still ongoing) cosmic and very human journey of reunion with the source and in my inquisitive explorations have found answers (resolution) to some important questions pertaining to human existence on Earth. Here I share the same with you. Hope you enjoy the read and find it meaningful.


The literature is work in progress. It will take a great effort for it to get completed. These is so much to talk about! These 10 articles are not even the tip of the iceberg. But they should be fine as a foundational start for the curious one. Also, the belief is that this literature of Lifemaker will forever be evolving, becoming better, thanks to our children and grand children who will continue to improve it even long after you and I are gone from the face of Earth.

There will be some points in this literature that will resonate with you and some points that may not. Your response is not only welcome but also very desirable for not only it will help us connect, it will also open the channel for mutual learning and making the common charter more complete and sound. We are all on the path of learning and knowledge is the prize. Since the reality in which we all exist is the same, its knowledge is the same. And that is the uniting factor humanity needs - knowledge on which we are united by shared understanding.

At Lifemaker our pursuit is universal knowledge for all humanity - an understanding of reality acceptable to any human. We wish the charter to always include things which are verifiable by observation through the body, understandable by the eye of the mind and acceptable to the heart.

These essays will explore different aspects of Life, Existence and living. It will give insights into why and how to organise as Undivided Human Society living in an order of perfection, maintaining an environment of unity, love, trust, balance and wisdom - on Earth, and beyond.

These essays have been written by Ayush Ghai, the heart and the weaver of the Lifemaker movement as of 2018.

May you enjoy the reading.

Be blessed.

~ Ayush