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Do you question?

What is reality? What is really meant to be a human? What is the highest pursuit of every human, in any moment or endeavour? What is a human’s innate role or purpose in Existence? Is Existence only, not co-existence? Does sense of oneness, unity in agreement, mutual fulfillment and co-existential bliss provide greater value for every human? Or sense of “me more important or superior to the rest”? Is there provision for reality to be how I want it to be, or is there only one Universal Truth applicable everywhere and on everything? On Earth, isn’t a human most capable to grasp Universal knowledge fully, and live the Universal way? If yes, then why am I, my family and humanity failing to be in a state of perfect co-existential Good, every day, all throughout the day? If the existing systems like science, technology, capitalism, consumerism, governments (of any form), religions, were enough to give us resolution, then why does there seem to be no resolution still, at micro and macro level? Why is there division, inequality, misery and strife all around, since known history? Why is everyone doings things in order to be happy, but is never happy in continuity?

What is the resolution that my family, humanity and I need? What is the Universal Order, in which humans can experience co-existential happiness, contentment, peace and bliss in continuity?

Are we (as my family and society) living in a beautiful and simple present? Are we sowing seeds for a better future for our children, whom we (believe to) love? Or are we sowing seeds of strife, unhappiness and unsustainability? Are we sure we even realise what happiness, contentment, peace and bliss truly is?

What is the right way to be and live? Does real and deep goodness in life experience, come from the body or the mind? Is it felt alone, or in context of co-existence only?

Read more about such questions here

Lifemaker is about asking questions, finding answers and living together with resolution. Forever.

If such thoughts intrigue you, please contact us through the lifeline.

The solution to all human problems is co-existential resolution, by the way of Self realisation and Universal wisdom

Intention - A paradigm shift for each one of us and our families. For Good.

The intention of Lifemaker is to unite families across the Earth as an undivided society in Universal orderliness. The connecting thread is objective self inquiry into nature of Life (Self in human form) and Existence (as Co-existence); and an agreement on the right Way to be, and live. It is a vision for humanity to evolve and upkeep a holistic working model which ensures perfect co-existential bliss at all levels of society, forever, without any corruption by power or delusion. We may have different viewpoints on nature of Self and reality, different skin color and occupations, but as humans we are all the same. Through honest self inquiry, each one is bound to arrive at the Truth which is Universal, one and only. Our sameness as humans, the onlyness of Truth (Existence in which we co-exist), honest self inquiry for realisation of the Truth, and agreement on the way to live, is the (only) unifying ground, which will provide us all round resolution we all seek.

The Universal working model

Since family is the fundamental unit of societal organisation and propogation of human seed, our approach is family based.

The working model covers these five points for self sustainable families, society, states and inter-state in Universal orderliness:

  • Education and research - Free education for families and research, covering value based consciousness development (the foundation) and skills/knowledge useful for living.
  • Health - Healthy lifestyle and natural healing practices for both mind and body, so that every family and village is self empowered to heal.
  • Eco-production - Universal values and local resources based production and services, that don’t harm Earth, water, air, nature or any human.
  • Exchange - Need and giving based exchange (instead of desire or profit based). Families work to produce more than their needs, and thereby every family sustains as a giver and reciever of abundance.
  • Justice - Universal values based code of conduct for mutual fulfillment. Constitution and laws for decentralised-local-global cooperation and decision making.


The outcome

As families from across the Earth realise and adopt the Universal way of being, will be seen a generation to generation (tradition) based continuity of

  • All round wellbeing in self and undivided family, society, states and inter-state (United humane nation) so that every level of society witnesses Shubh, which is
    • All round resolution with happiness
    • Abundance with contentment
    • Mutual confidence (fearlessness) with peace
    • Justful (mutually fulfilling) co-existence with bliss
  • Healthy Earth rich with natural resources and fertile soil to feed everyone and fulfill justful needs
  • Healthy air and water for every inhabitant of Earth, to breath and drink well

What is family?

Generally speaking, a family, whether of blood or heart, is a group which is mutually committed to live and grow together with love and care, for lifetime of the body. Its members find themselves assured of safety, nutrition, mutual fulfillment, growth and happiness in their mutuality. Family is the unit of society, which intrinsically serves the purpose of continuity of human seed in good health.

Call to the tribe

Every human is seeking happiness, mostly externally. Happiness can only be found when we are in sync with own true nature, and it reflects in fulfilment of our relationships. The individuals are like small streams, which may or may not be able to make to the ocean alone. But together, we can form a large river, which surely will reach the ocean of realised co-existential bliss; and there will be mutual wellbeing and happiness all along the way.

You can reach us out via the Lifeline

Families join us via an incubation programme

Currently we conduct

  • Incubation programme for families residing in and around Dharamsala, HP, India.
  • Distant incubation programme for families residing elsewhere in the world

You can read more about the incubation program here

What’s happening?

  • Discussions and documentation of
    • The Way of Life based on Universal Values
    • All five dimensions of education, health, production, exchange and justice
  • Setting up first Life University by participating families, near Dharamsala, HP
  • Writing content for sharing
  • Registering a not-for-profit company which will incubate families and hubs from across the world, and help them coordinate, cooperate and grow together
  • Visits and travel for spreading the knowledge

We are thankful

  • Thanks to every human of past and present, who has contributed in their unique ways
  • Thanks to all the relegions, messengers, philosophers, teachers, scientists, social reformers, parents and all loving beings, for their contribution towards human evolution and upliftment. We wish to see their work to completion. We want to see Humanity reach its full potential.
  • Special thanks to Madhyastha Darshan for the philosophical background and blueprint evolution

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