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The vision and aims of Lifemaker

  • Undivided humane society in awakened co-existence fostering real happiness, contentment, peace and bliss in every family, across all future generations.
  • A universal values based System & Order that fosters self realisation & existential knowledge, mental clarity & resolution, material equality & abundance, mutual trust & confidence and justful co-existence in every family and the undivided society, on a continuous basis.
  • Human families living humanly in co-existence, with wisdom, love, responsibility, freedom, respect, equality, balance, cooperation and other such universal values, for the good of family, society and entire existence as co-existence of which every Life and every atom is an inseparable part.
  • Ensuring food, health, housing, clothing, education, purposeful travel, work opportunity and socio-economic equality for all families.
  • Healthy soil, air, water, forests & natural ecosystem for sustainability of humanity and all Life on Earth.

The five pronged working model (how to be)

Since family is the fundamental unit of co-existence, of societal organisation and of propogation of human seed, and the first and primary space for education and wellbeing of everyone, our approach is family based.

The working model covers these five points for self-governed and self-sustainable families organised as grassroots based cooperatives and self help groups to co-exist in Universal orderliness across villages, neighborhoods, provinces, nations and united-humane-nation.

  • Education and research - Family education and research, covering value based consciousness development (the foundation) and skills/knowledge useful for living so that every family lives in Budhdha consciousness, serves the co-existence in meaningful ways and is self reliant. To also introduce value based consciousness development education in schools, colleges, universities and other such social mediums.
  • Health - Healthy lifestyle, natural healing practices, affordable medicine and cure in every neighborhood so that every family and village is self empowered to live healthy in body & mind. Also global research, cooperation and hospitals for providing medicine and cure beyond the local scope.
  • Eco-production, work and services - Self-reliant families & neighborhoods producing in abundance through organic farming, cottage industry and with least dependency on heavy machinery or factories. Universal values and local resources based production, work and services in balance and symbiosis with nature and society.
  • Exchange and economics - Giving and justice based (instead of self interest & maximisation of profit based) exchange where every family sustains as a giver and reciever of abundance. Co-ownership and co-management of resources, food storage, banking, barter & exchange markets as self help groups and cooperative societies organised from village (local) to united-humane-nation (global) levels, to ensure fulfillment every family’s living needs as locally as possible along with necessary global cooperation and collaboration. To work on localised finite resource based localised economy instead of infinite resource based global consumeristic economy based on interest, inflation, profit and hoarding.
  • Justice and governance - Universal values based constitution, code of conduct and laws for decentralised self-governance, collaboration and consensual decision making, as undivided human society organised from village to united-humane-nation levels. To evolve and upkeep mechanisms which ensure justful, truthful and humane social environment within participating families and to strive for the same for all humanity.


What is family?

A group of people living together with strong bond of love and mutual confidence, feel assured of care, protection & nurture, expect happiness, peace, contentment & bliss with each other, share common vision, projects and intention for lifetime (like raising children) and are resolved and committed to make it happen.

The existential purpose of every Life and especially human Life is

  • To study, understand and remember the nature of Self - What am I?
  • To become a master & knower of Existence - To live co-existentially with love, truthfulness, justice and perfection in work, behavior & actions
  • Happiness, contentment, peace and bliss in Co-existence (self, family, relationships, work, society, other life forms)

We may have different viewpoints on nature of Self and reality, different skin color, occupations and opinions, but as humans we are all the same. Through honest objective and subjective inquiry humanity as society and each human is bound to understand and realise Truth in the same way, because Existence is absolute and universal. Our sameness as humans, the onlyness of Truth (Existence in which we co-exist), honest self inquiry for Truth, and agreement on the way to live, is the (only) unifying ground, which will provide Life the absolute and permanent resolution it needs and seeks.

Call to the tribe

Every human is seeking happiness, mostly externally. Happiness can only be found when we are in sync with own true nature, and it reflects in fulfilment of our relationships with the world and with our own Self. The individuals are like small streams, which may or may not be able to make to the ocean alone. But together, our company of Truth can form a large river, which surely will reach the ocean of realised co-existential bliss; and there will be mutual wellbeing and happiness all along the way and for all our future generations to come on Earth.

You can reach us out via the Lifeline

What’s happening?

  • Discussions and documentation of
    • Universal values
    • Working model with all five dimensions of education, health, production, exchange and justice
    • Philosophy and literature
  • Production & exchange: Doing first experiments with food based cottage industry in Dharamsala, HP.
  • Education: Film education club will start in December in villages of Dharamsala, HP.
  • Planning camps from March onwards
  • Website work
  • Content on internet, youtube and radio is on the way
  • Looking for land to lease for camps, workshops & residencies
  • Registering a charitable trust

We are thankful

  • Thanks to every human of past and present, who has contributed in their unique ways
  • Thanks to all the religions, messengers, philosophers, teachers, scientists, social reformers, parents and all loving beings, for their contribution towards human evolution and upliftment. We wish to see their work to completion. We want to see Humanity reach its full potential.
  • Special thanks to Madhyastha Darshan for the philosophical background and blueprint evolution

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