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The job of any truth set is to be useful

Every individual holds only to that truth set which they percieve to be useful.

Every person has universal and irrevocable right to hold on to their truth set. They must surely find their truth as useful to them else why would they follow it? The day a person discovers some part of their truth set to be not useful for their happiness or growth, they look for a better or truer truth.

Based on usefulness we can say there are two kinds of truth sets in the world - useful and not (or less) useful. But before talking about the two truth sets let us talk about what is the innate purpose of all conscious beings and especially humans. The innate purpose of one’s existence itself is what determines the usefulness. Isn’t it?

The innate purpose of every human, in every moment, is happiness, contentment, peace and bliss within themselves and with co-existence.

This is the innate purpose of human existence. Only the ways to arrive here differ across all humans because we carry different truth sets. The closer any two truth sets are, the closer will be their approach towards realisation of innate purpose.

Here it is important to pay attention to two points - A. continuity and B. in co-existence. Every human or animal desires the same goal in every moment (in continuity). Every action they take has this pursuit lying hidden behind it. Also, everyone is an inseparable part of co-existence. Everyone is affected by what’s around and they in turn effect what’s around in a cycle. Just like the heart can not decide to breathe at its own whim independently of the rest of the body, no one can achieve their innate purpose without any consideration for co-existence.

Everyone is on journey of growth. The more mature a person is, the more useful their truth set

Truth sets which are not useful

This category of truth sets don’t provide the seer and their co-existence with continuity of happiness, contentment, peace and bliss. They are not stable. These truth sets are not universal. They don’t provide consistency across choices in day to day life and different situations. The persons holding them behave in contradictory ways in different situations and contexts. For example, when a rosy relationship goes wrong the partners often end up disliking and hurting each other. Their truth sets didn’t allow consistency of love. Another feature of non-useful truth sets is that they don’t allow expansion of perspective. Such truth sets are rigid and prefer to hold on strictly to a limited and often incorrect world view. These truth sets don’t allow growth.

If the person carefully and honestly observes the allround quality of their life and living they can identify how useful their truth set is being for them.

Truth sets which are useful

This category of truth sets provides the seer and their relations with increasing repetition or continuity of happiness, contentment, peace and bliss. While such truth sets are stable and consistent, they allow flexibility & openness to become bigger and better with experience. Such integral truth sets are the hallmarks of someone who is matured enough in their journey of growth. Such people have clarity of mind, live happier and content lives and spread happiness in their relationships and the world in general. A couple in which both partners carry useful truthsets would integrate both world views to form an integrated, unified and sensible truth set which brings them both joy in their togetherness. People holding such truth sets don’t go by “my way”. They go by way of what makes sense.

Most truth sets are somewhat useful and somewhat not

No one is entirely wrong ever. That part of one’s truth set which serves them well continues to be. That part which doesn’t serve them well gets dropped eventually. Ultimately every life is on journey of growth which means on journey of coming closer to knowledge of reality as-it-is. The closer and comprehensive a truth set is of reality as-it-is, the more useful it is.

Exercise: If we were to choose a stand on which to live by, what would be most useful for a human, their family and human society?

  • I live by my own truth set and reject the others
  • I live by my own truth set and let others live by theirs.
  • My truth set is integral of every truth set that I encounter. Every new perspective is a gift for me and it holds true in the world-view its coming from. When someone says sky is violet, I say “Aha, the sky is indeed violet in one of the infinite world views!”

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