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The apriori or causal Truth

That reality which exists independent of every conscious being or subjective perspective is being called the apriori Truth.

As previously discussed there are as many truth sets as number of people, animals or conscious beings in existence. Now let me ask you to think about this - All conscious beings live in a reality which existed before we came into existence and will exist even if we did not exist. That reality in which all the infinite truth sets co-exist. That reality must be as-is and independent of how you or I percieve it. That, which is the causal and the trasnscendental to every conscious being or atom is apriori Truth - reality that exists prior to you and me. Whatever is nature of that reality is another discussion - but every thinking human can agree that there is a reality which encompasses everything in it and is causal of everything that exists within itself.

Reality has certain rules to which every thing whether material or conscious, is bound

There are causal or fundamental rules, laws or principles which are universally applicable at every corner of the infinite existence.

While every seer has its own belief system on how reality is & what he is, there is ONE TRUTH which allows all the truths to co-exist within it. That truth is existence or absolute reality itself. The very causal part of that truth exhibits some immutable laws upon which the whole creation is sprung from. Every atom is composed by the same fundamental principles, so is the DNA of every cell and so is every conscious being.

Every healthy human has a mind capable of full realisation of the apriori truth

Since the apriori truth is one and only and everyone is bound to it and exists within it, every seer is bound to realise the apriori truth in the same way as any other seer upon FULL SEEING - for the apriori truth is one. Seeing does not mean seeing by the body’s eyes or senses or from one’s subjective limitations. Seeing means seeing with the infinite mind’s open eye and verification by the causal part, seed or the heart of the seer. When you add one and one it becomes two only. Any child when it learns to count is bound to arrive at the same answer. Same way every human when he or she uses their FULL MIND without fixation on pre-existing faith or belief systems, they are bound to come to the one and only knowledge of the apriori truth. Reality is simple to comprehend if presented simply, sweetly and if honestly inquired upon with real thirst to know it.

The only way to arrive at the apriori truth is to inquire with an open mind and happy heart

Inquiry into truth can not happen with a preconceived agenda which needs to be proven. Existence does not have the providence for it to be based on your preferences on how it should be. If it were so, there would be as many existences as there are conscious beings. But all conscious beings co-exist together in ONE existence hence the ONE truth can only dawn upon everyone in ONE way only. If, and since, we all exist in the apriori truth, a true inquirer will inquire into it with an open mind eager to learn from the new perspectives that dawn upon it. A true seeker will not let any preconieved notions to deny knowledge that is finding its way to the seer.

Also, knowledge is not separate from the known. You are part of reality and you are knowing only yourself when you know reality. Further, reality as-it-is is peace and love. You are peace and love. Hence inquiry of truth requires a peaceful and rested mind for in that state you are closest to your true nature. The moment a realisation of any part of truth happens peace comes with it. Knowledge of the apiori truth always brings peace, happiness, bliss, contentment with it. Any truth set which is not bringing upon these features into your daily living (self and relationships) must not based on truth as-it-s, for the apriori truth as-it-is is always sweet, is love, is peace.

Apriori truth is sweet and its knowledge satisfying

This statement can be experitientially verified by upon sincere inquiry. Sincere inquiry which is bereft of agenda is the only way to arrive at real knowledge which is sweet and satisfying. This sweetness is experienced by the heart (the very source or center) of you. The mind may sometimes be mistaken in identifying the truth but the heart knows when you are not in truth. When the heart is feeling happiness or bliss upon a realisation, that realisation is useful for you and it should either be true or leading you to truth.

Truth or knowledge of reality is the most and only useful thing that exists

Reality is useful because you exist in the reality itself! What more use could it provide? Knowledge is reality itself - the same object. You become what you really know. Hence knowledge of reality is as useful as reality itself. Knowledge is often preceeded by in-formation. In-formation is the material which the seer churns. Upon churning knowledge dawns.

The use of untruth or false knowledge is only to make you continue to fail in realising your innate purpose which is happiness, contentment, peace and bliss. Failing to realise your purpose is suffering. With suffering you realise the need of realisation of true knowledge for that only ends suffering. This behavior is hardwired into existence as much as a cell’s behavior is hardwired in its DNA. Ignorance is bliss some say, but is it really? Lack of knowledge causes suffering and not bliss. It causes conflicts.

Conflicts are useful to the extent that they help you learn so that you can avoid their unecessary suffering in future. The use of any conflict is to help you learn about how existence works. No human in sane senses loves to be in conflict. When you know how things work, you know how to make best use of your knowledge to live happily and satisfied. If you don’t know how things work you will be unsure how to move and will be unstable in your belief sets. You will stay in conflict within and without. You and your relationships will not experience peace from you in continuity. You will not be able to make the most out of human existence.

The more one knows the happier, peaceful, blissful and content one is.

Knowledge helps you live resolved with happiness, satisfaction, peace and bliss

Lack of knowledge can allow for temporary relief at best. Ignorance is like riding a tiger. Know that trouble awaits to pounce upon you any moment. The moment existence throws a challenge at you of which you not know how to handle you will be broken. For permanent resolution any human or group of humans need knowledge. More the knowledge less the strife and more the ease and goodness in living.

Believe only what you know and get to know what you have believed.

Don’t believe anything that is said even here without your personal verification. Else you are living by in-formation based faith and it is not your real knowledge yet. In-formation is not nearly as useful to knowledge itself.

Know that knowing is not limited to only the mind. Knowing is full with the stamp of approval by the heart. Knowing starts from the mind and culminates in the heart. It happens so deep in the heart that it feels as if even the blood and bones are resonating with what you really know by your very own experience and understanding. So when you as a human have capability to know the reality as-it-is like every other human why not use the gift that you have?