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Who are the main people behind Lifemaker and what is the history?

Ayush Ghai, a computer engineer from IIT Kanpur by training, software developer/architect and serial entrepreneur by profession, and a messenger and helper for humankind by heart. He is the heart of Lifemaker project. He is also the director and main stakeholder of Mindgrep Technologies. Setting aside a promising career in the corporate world, Ayush moved Mindgreo to Dharamsala in 2012 in order to satisfy his thirst for knowledge of Self & Existence and find eternal peace within. Till 2017 he had been based in a coliving and coworking community space that he along with his team managed. It was called Infinity hackerspace. Ayush was a co-founder of the space and the main person incharge. He also helped co-found and conduct Hillhacks, Code camp 2016 and other such community events about knowledge sharing, technology and teaching. Ayush has also been the main developer, architect and visionary behind Metataste - a free personalised movie recommendation service and Elasticgraph, a relational datastore, search and analytics engine cum digital asset management tool originally built for digitally preserving and presenting the teachings of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

As he went on his journey of Yoga (union) he had experiences where it was blissfully revealed to him how everything was One, he wondered how beautiful the world would be in comparison to today, if everyone including all children could realise the oneness of all that is, live that way and feel the same joy and universal love that he was feeling in that moment. Such transcendental experiences and love for all, inspired him to look for answers on how this could happen for humanity as a universal tradition on Earth.

On the way he was joined by a handful of more people who dream the same vision as him. He also met a bunch of people who had already answered some of these questions in great details at Madhyastha Darshan family. As of today, the total involvement in Lifemaker program includes 3 couples at the heart and more people at the periphery who are complimenting the heart. All are from diverse backgrounds, mostly rural, farming, spiritual and social service. The program is about to unflower to the greater world as a registered charitable society open to memberships from those who resonate and are committed to this cause.

For first couple of years we tried to take an internet first approach where a mobile app would help everyone connect around this intention. We did an android app pilot in 2016, a successful crowdfunding for final app design with graphics. But we soon realised that without a solid physical, practical plan on how to reorganise and live on the ground, things would just be in the air and mobile app wouldn’t achieve the goal without necessary grounding. The grounding we found was a working model on how to live as undivided human society, and the values with which to live. So the app has been put in background for now. We are doing our first pilot of the working model in the Himalayan slopes of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. Once Lifemaker pilot succeeds in integrating the people of this region, the movement will be ripe to expand elsewhere organically.

How to get in touch?

You can join our low traffic mailing list, follow us on Facebook, join our upcoming forum or come and meet us in person at our community space in the Himalayas or at one of our events (Check the calendar!) We keep making announcements on our social channels and mailing list about latest and greatest updates.