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Who are the people involved in this project?

Some of our founding members have a direct experience of the blissful nature of Existence through contemplation, meditation and Samadhi experiences. Some have an objective and scientific understanding of reality as-it-is, and wish to share the same with the world. Some are those whose hearts and minds have been moved by the way humanity is failing today on all important fronts of existence and co-existence. We all see the need and wish to help ourselves and Humanity arrive at the change. There are supporters who’ve helped/inspired the LifeMaker project and have given an invaluable contribution since its inception. We are joined by a bunch of elders, volunteers and supporters in different roles. We are getting special help from Saadho and Enlightened Family Project teams. Ayush and his lovely wife Diana are a Lifemaker founding family. Federico and his family from Italy are the other one. We are a growing team, with families from rest of the world.

Can I join?

Everyone is welcome to join. Our online forum (to go live in 2018 second half) is open to anyone and everyone for mutual help and discussions. Our tribe welcomes people from any walk of life. To get involved deeper into Lifemaker, we encourage you to go through our incubation program with your family or community, with whom you live on an intimate basis, so that your progress is more effective and at larger scale.

How to get in touch?

You can join our low traffic mailing list, follow us on Facebook, join our upcoming forum or come and meet us in person at our community space in the Himalayas or at one of our events (Check the calendar!) We keep making announcements on our social channels and mailing list about latest and greatest updates.

The Charter

What is the Way of Living?

The Way of Living is an aspirational charter of Universal values, which all LifeMaker subscribe to and is aimed to bring the best out of everyone, for everyone’s benefit.

How can I follow the Way of Living in my life?

The intention will already make wonders. We all need to work on ourselves, in a family based approach, and put in the daily effort to become the best we can possibly be. We have a family based education approach. We all have some flaws. We all make mistakes and that’s when you’ll find in the LifeMaker community, all the support and guidance you’ll need to get back on track. If you are curious about it, then please get in touch with us and join our incubation program.

How can I contribute to the Way of Living?

The Way of Living is an open document and will evolve as our community evolves. You can contribute by contacting us with your suggestions and inputs.


How old is Lifemaker?

The name was given in 2015. Madyastha Darshan family, with whom we got connected recently, has a 50 year old history and has few thousand people in India living in a way very close to what Lifemaker envisions.

What activities have we done in past?

Since last few years, few of us were independently thinking on “how to raise Human consciousness and live better in an alternative way”. Then we met, and we kept meeting since then. The evolution is still going on as we gain members and perspectives. Our members have been collaborating remotely and meeting for few days to months at stretch. Mostly we have been based in a community space called Infinity hackerspace in Dharamsala, HP, India. We have done an android pilot, a successful crowdfunding for events, app design and graphics, first official gathering in November 2019. We have been conducting events and also being travelling to share with other people.

How has Lifemaker evolved so far?

Initially we were focussing on an online first strategy - to gather all change makers from across the world on a same message of Enlightened and Sustainable Humanity. We have also been thinking of daily self evaluation apps. Later we realised that we definitely need an on ground strategy - a physical and self sustainable space in nature where anyone can come to learn, understand and experience Life/Existence/Co-existence, the Lifemaker way of life and its working and operating models etc. From there, they can go back and replicate this model in their family and neighborhood. Hence our pilot space is being planned near Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. At the same time, we are incubating few families in Dharamsala and from across the world into the Lifemaker way of Life.

Is Lifemaker registered as a not-for-profit organisation yet?

Not yet. It will be done by second half of ‘18. Till then we are managing as a loosely connected group of people, and gaining core team of people and families committed full time to this project.