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Only the whole of Self can realise the whole of Self

A part can not realise the nature of the whole

Just like 1 can never comprehend 2, the mind alone can not comprehend the nature of Self (or Life) because it is only a part of Life and not the whole of Life.

There is something deeper than the mind - it is that part of the Self which is ‘experiencing’ everything - the body, the world, the mind and even itself. This is the part which is experiencing the deep sleep and as well the dreams and awake experience. This is the part from which the mind emerges. This part is the mediating activity between rest of co-existence and the mind. It is the screen upon which all perception and mental activity takes place. It is the seat of consciousness. We can call it the soul or the heart or the center of Self. It is the real experiencer, the real expressor.

The heart is the Master. Mind is the servant

If the Self is like an atom, then the soul is the nucleus and the mind is the clouds of electron around the soul. More details on this in the essay Who am I?.

While the heart is more causal to the mind, they can not do anything without each other. They are a couplet bound together for completing each other as a wholesome expression of an individual Life.

The trouble is when the heart allows the mind to be the acting master and stays too inert, just watching, often suffering and causing suffering. The solution is letting the heart be the master and mind, the loyal and skillful servant. Also, the other way when the heart works without applying the mind, it often (though not always) finds it difficult to express and act for optimal outcome and that may also create suffering.

Dive into the well of the heart with the eye of the mind

Beneath the viels of the activity of the mind lies a silent space where true knowledge and absolute peace & satisfaction is to be found.

When with the eye of mind one dives deep into the depth of silence and explores the infinity of Existence, the soul starts to shine. When the soul is shining the mind is free from rigidity.

Knowledge which is only mental is mere information and not knowledge.

Soul is the mediator between Existence and individual Life. Mind acts only as per soul’s experience and expression. Real knowledge is that which is realised by the soul.

For example, till one has not experienced love from the heart one does not know what love is. The whole society speaks of compassion and love but when it comes to practicality (living by it) it is not able to demonstrate compassion or love with universal consistency because the hearts of people have not yet fully realised love and hence the mind has only a creative imagination of love at best. Till the soul is inexperienced the mind goes crazy believing, imagining or chasing this or that, never fulfilled, never clear, never sure & resolved. It can not take a stand. Till one’s heart has experienced knowledge of Existence, a human lives as multiple personalities with a set of ideas about oneself, and not as its real Self.

Difference between unevolved and evolved Life

Most people on Earth so far have lived by using less than half of their mind (and their soul is inert).

Imagine a big round ball with four layers of clouds revolving around it. The ball is the soul and the four layers the mind. The farther you go away from the ball lesser is the significance of that layer in terms of deep knowledge. While all layers including the ball learn, the learning is of greater and greater importance when by the inner layers, than the outer layers. The ball is so big in comparison that it has a biggest effect over all the layers, like the sun has on all the planets a bigger effect than the planets have on the sun. Now imagine that only the outer two layers and half of the next layer is functioning while the rest of the setup (deeper and more powerful part of the unit) is almost or completely kept dormant. How effective would the unit be functioning when its most powerful parts are left unused? How cohesive and consistent will the vibration of the outer two layers by themselves? It can not be. And that is why most people suffer from split personality disorder and rarely do we find a gem who carries on true individuality everywhere. So why live life governed by the dictats of few outer planets when you are the whole solar system itself?

An unevolved Life lives life of much lesser power than its full potential.

Now imagine that the ball is fully functional and is actively directing the four layers to vibrate in accordance with its vibration, and the mind (the servant) is obeying. You will see harmony and resonance. It will be an undivided being without any split personality. It will be a Budhdha who is realised Existence itself walking in human form.

Full experience, realisation and resonance between the heart and the mind itself is liberation.

Mind, Soul and knowledge

Now, I would like to talk a little about the necessity and also the limit of intellectual argumentation. It is important to realise the usefulness and as well the limitation of the mind. Philosophy and science serve a useful purpose by helping intellectualise and contemplate upon Self and Existence. But since mind is only a part of the Self, it can not realise the nature of the whole Self by itself. By the same virtue of being part of the whole Self, mind is also necessarily required for full realisation. All of the whole is needed to realise the nature of the whole. Hence philosophy, science, maths and physics as tools are useful and necessary too, but they are not enough alone nor are they absolute as they are tools of the mind only.

Till the heart has not realised the nature of existence and experienced the bliss of knowledge, everything is mere mental concept & information and not true knowledge. Till the soul is not fully realised Life does not experience peace, contentment and bliss, and does not exhibit consistency of ‘moral’ living, positivism and inspiration in continuity. It is not able to do what it feels is right. There is conflict both inside and in relationship with the world. It is so because the soul is the center of Life, the real experiencer and the mediating activity between Life’s mind, body and rest of co-existence.

When realisation of nature of Self and existence as co-existence happens, it is felt by all the layers of the mind and right through to the heart. In that moment the whole of Self knows, that it knows. And there is bliss! The attestation by the heart is joined by full mental clarity and resolution. When the heart knows and the mind understands, there is no scope of any doubt left whatsoever. When the heart is realised as well the mind has full comprehension of the realisation, Life has achieved its full evolution. There is eternal happiness, peace, contentment and bliss because the mind is fully resolved for permanence and all unecessary desires, hopes and thoughts have come to an end for good. There is stability in thought, work and behavior. Full realisation is the end of all conflict and suffering. It is the beginning of an eternal status of pure blissful existence and co-existence.

Full realisation of all-that-is is Budhahood and only the whole of the Self (the soul and the mind together) can realise the whole of the Self and its inseparable relationship with the whole of Existence.