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What is love? Is attachment to someone love? Is being with someone to fill a gap within love? Is love conditional? We often say - “I love chicken or I love the color of your hair!”. Is that love? What is love?

If you have ever loved someone and don’t feel love today, did you ever love? If you expect to get love as a condition to give love, is it love that you are giving? Does love set you and your loved one free? Or is love boundation?

What thing is love? Does that thing exist before you and me? Is love me first or is it you first? Does love come with responsibility? Or can one love without being responsible? Does love have anything to do with sex? Does love have anything to do with “liking”?

Is love oneness? Is love the force that keeps all existence inseparably together? Or is love existence itself? Is love a feeling or is love a real thing and is felt or sensed? Is there any feeling better than the feeling of love? Does love feel great in all conditions or can it not feel the right thing in some conditions? Is love universal? Is love another name of the “truth” itself?

If you love the chicken would you like it to be killed for the taste of your tounge? In love would you use someone or anyone whether human or animal, as means to your end? If you love your children and their children to be would you still pollute the air, water and Earth bit by bit everyday? Or would you give them a better environment than what you were born to? If you feel love would you continue to be an apathetic consumerist or a exploitory capitalist? If you love your lover then would you care about their appearance or behavior? If you hate the child of your enemy then have you ever loved your own child? If you feel animosity for someone then have you really truly fully loved anyone yet? Is love exclusive or is it inclusive? Does love help you expand yourself or constrict? When you are not feeling love are you in your real Self?

Is love not feeling one with co-existence? Is love not equal to losing the sense of separation? Is love not the wave feeling one with the other waves and the ocean?