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May June 2018

We conducted introduction to Lifemaker workshops in five villages in Dharamsala area and engaged with 50+ families. Out of them 10 families have shown interested in sincerely dedicating their life energy towards our incubation program. We are very happy to have these families join us. On 31st June we will have our first Dharamsala meetup. Special thanks to Shri Pavitar Kumar Chaudhary and Bhawesh Asgar from Madyasth Darshan family for joining us and helping facilitate the program and developing the content for going forward.

You can find the posts from the event on our Facebook page.

As our next steps we are - Starting the first batch of Lifemaker families in Dharamsala - Looking for land to build our first community space and Life university, around Dharamsala, HP, India - Documenting the philosophy and engaging in discussions with philosopers, scientists and rational thinkers from across the world. - Documenting the Articles and Memorandum of Association for registering a not-for-profit company in India - Approaching social activists, thinkers and change makers from across the world