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Updates December to April

In last five months, a lot of positive development happened at the end of Lifemaker. Here is the gist of the same

Travelling and spread of the message

We travelled across India and did few events on Lifemaker, introducing the concept. We recieved welcome response, and also some volunteer contribution. People asked how can we get more involved. For the same we need an online social network and also an on ground presense. Overall, we witnessed that Humanity is largely unsatisfied, and ready and willing to accept a clear understanding of Life and accepting Value based living. Their warm response confirmed our hypothesis that Humanity desires a positive shift in consciousness and Living, and has given us the confidence to go forward with full momentum. With this confidence we started introducing the model to the village families for the first time, and have got a great response so far, as expected.

Introduction to Madyastha darshan/Jivan Vidya

In 1970s a new philosophy and solution was brought forward for the benefit of Humanity by Shri A Nagraj. This grew as a strong decentralised movement across India, though not fully coordinated yet. At Lifemaker we wish to coordinate our efforts across the World. This philosophy so far seems complete and gives an operating/conceptual/working model to Lifemaker. Highly recommended: Please discover more about Madyastha Darshan here. Here is an introductory text in Hindi and English both. We are currently exploring an integration with the Jivan Vidya (Life Education) community, and seeing how we can work together going forward.

Online Ashram is about to go live

As was the plan for 2018-19, we have succesfully setup the online social network and forum. It will be made live in second half of 2018. We saved a lot of time, work and money thanks to open source project Discourse. It is our online space for mutual help exchange, life advice, sharing knowledge and information, activism, evolving working, conceptual and operational model for Humanity, Lifemaker itself etc. This will help us reach out and connect people from across the world fast.

Land for the first Lifemaker hub is about to be procured

We are in talks with a village family near Dharamsala, in partnership with whom we plan to start the first official Lifemaker hub from the Himalayas. We are very happy to have a family which is willing to share Land and their hard work, for the good of humanity. If all goes as per the current trend, by July our agreement will be done and we will have a site plan ready with budget estimate. By next year, we wish to get the operations started in partnership with some Lifemaker familes from the village, and start inviting families/individuals from outside to learn, collaborate and share with us.


If you can, please come and attend the June workshop. You will need to register for the June workshops by 15th May latest. It is really worth it and Life changing. The only request is to bring at least one more family member or close friend for life with you. Curious farmer familes in Rakkar, Khanyara and Saalig villages in Dharamsala will attend workshop in Hindi. There will also be workshop in English. You can register for either. Two hours per day, for five days, is what we ask of the curious ones to begin with.

So far, very good.

For the best of every Human and Humankind.