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Updates July Nov 2018

A lot happened in these 5 months.

The Good

We undertood a lot more

The core team at Lifemaker understood a lot more about the right approach to start this project. We learned that people do not like to talk about things. They want action. People don’t want lectures. They want to know what they can do right away to solve a problem or challenge they face. So our whole approach change from education first perspective to taking both the working model and education in parallel. In meantime the core taem also took time to deepen their understanding about Self, Existence and also the way/society of Lifemaker.

Launch of Gur Chikki

In November we launched homemade Gur-Chikki with Desi Ghee in Dharamsala as the first locally made, healthy and plastic free product by Lifemaker society in this area. We spent time interacting with familes of this area, sharing the vision of Lifemaker and also engaging them in different activities to warm up for the big next step to come.

Local people are getting to know about Lifemaker

As we spend time with shopekeepers, villagers, children and families the word about “Cooperative, undivided human society” is spreading and we are getting good response :)


We finished first drat of the aims and objectives. It will be frozen soon to register the international Lifemaker Society in India. We published the literature section for people to start reading essays about the background, philosophy and related information. This will take around one year to mature.

The Bad

We could not get a land lease for the Society yet

The thing is that everyone wants only their personal fulfillment in today’s time and not for “balance” or “all round fulfillment”. We were in close contact with a family from whom we could lease the land but they wanted not only rent from us but also “share of income” from the project (without doing any work for that). As per Lifemaker values, land belongs to every being in Existence and should not be used as a medium for passive income without doing any work. Rent is already that. Why want passive income from work done by others? Land, like any other natural resource, is to be shared by everyone for everyone’s good. We are exploring more options.