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Who Am I

I am undivided being.

I am eternal, infinite, omnipotent.

I am inseparable, indivisible & all-that-is. I am Existence.

I am eternal Existence experiencing itself as Life.

I experience and express, always in the here and now.


As Life, as an individual unit of Existence, I am aware and consciously experiencing the BIG ME (Existence itself). I am present here in the human form as a unique expression of the REAL ME.

The “I” I sense, feel and live as is a Life. Life is what senses, feels and lives as the I. Life is the phenomenon called I.

You and I are units of Life each. So is every human and animal on Earth which has a brain, nervous system, at least two senses and can learn and evolve within one lifetime. It is also possible that Life exists in infinite forms in other realms which are not as densely physical and bio-organic as Earth. Here we will focus on Earth and on our existence on Earth in human form right here, right now.

Animals don’t and generally can’t think about the nature of Life but humans can and they do. Life in human form has the full capability and can develop the ability to grasp the knowledge of Life and Existence. This capability puts humans uniquely in the bucket of Knowledge Order on Earth. A human’s Dharma is to be, to grow, will to live and be happy, peaceful, content and blissful in co-existence. The animal order’s Dharma is to be, to grow and will to live. Then the lower two orders are Living Order like plants and microbes whose Dharma is to be & to grow, and the Material Order whose Dharma is simply - to be. Every order includes and is built upon the lower order. Humanity uniquely forms the knowledge order on Earth, built on top of the rest of the orders that evolved on Earth and perfected themselves, before humanity arrived.

Humanity is yet to attain its perfection as the knowledge order.

Is my individual existence (Life) mortal or immortal?

There are three broad kind of perspectives with regard to this for humanity on Earth.

  • A. An age old spiritual belief has been that Life is immortal. It changes bodies like clothes.
  • B. The recently emerged materialistic belief is - Life is from the body. Each individual starts and ends with the body. Hence Life is mortal.
  • C. There is a third one - “I don’t know. And perhaps, it doesn’t matter whether I am mortal or not.”

Humanity doesn’t know and there is no way to prove anything yet

Let us be honest with each other and admit that as humanity our perspective on this issue differs from one to another and this is a matter of personal faith and subjective experience. There is no objective way to prove one point or the other so that everyone is convinced of the same truth just like we are convinced that the Sun rises in the East. Speaking from perspective of entire humanity - “We don’t know in unity the exact nature of Life & especially whether Life (Self) is mortal or immortal.”

So given the divergence in perspectives on eternal nature of individual consciousness, what is the ultimate truth on which humanity can converge? We can say that whatever is that statement of truth, it must be acceptable & useful to us.

Usefulness means outcome that is good, positive, constructive and beneficial. The measure of usefulness is lesser strife & suffering and greater happiness, peace, ease, contentment and bliss in co-existence.

There are seven billion people and seven billion truth sets.. Which is the one statement of Truth that we can all, theists and atheists, literate or illiterate, rich or poor, religious or scientific minded, can agree on? What is that one perspective which is easiest and simplest for any human to accept and converge at, in peace?

All of Existence is one and only.

All is one and that one is all that is. I am inseparable part of Existence.

Existence itself is manifesting as me with this body.

As individual Life, Existence is experiencing itself either in form of no-thingness in deep sleep, or as a world in dreaming or awake state with a body.

This individuality is an indivisible part and expression of Existence itself - the one & only. I am Existence itself!

The fundamental truth on which every thinking human can agree is that since we exist in Existence, the real you and real me must be made of the same fabric from which entire Existence is made. And that fabric is energy itself. Hence, each Life is but a-unit-of-energy, a part of Existence, which has become conscious of itself and is experiencing, learning and interacting with the Existence (itself) consciously.

The individual I (Life) is an inseparable constituent part of the BIG I (Existence) which is all-that-is and one-&-only.

Everything is connected and, but one-thing only!

image Is a river separate from the sea, or from another river?

Existence as co-existence contains energy both unaware and aware. Life is a unit of energy aware of (its) Existence.

A unit of Life and also every atom or free energy behaves like a wave swimming with other waves in the infinite sea of Existence. Every atom affects everything else. Every point in space is affected by every other atom in existence at any point in time. Looking microscopically all particles have wave like forms only. All waves are intricately connected & weaved together as unique expressions & patterns in Existence composed of the fabric of energy. Each wave affects all the rest. They all exist together. They are but ONE & ONLY inseparable THING.

Everything is connected together. Existence is in form of inseparable, interconnected co-existence.

Life exists intricately connected with the rest as co-existence and with a body to experience the sea and express itself as part of the sea. The substance that constitutes any Life is the same substance that constitutes every particle, wave or Life in Existence. The same substance that is manifesting as ‘others’ or ‘rest of Existence’ whether material or conscious, is manifesting as ‘me’. All is one infinite sea of which every part is inseparably connected to all other parts. Every atom and every Life affects the rest of infinite Existence and is in turn affected by the entirety of the rest of it. This is simply understandable by experience, observation and thought. Even science attests to this fact.

So for Life to feel alone and separate from ‘the rest’ is but an illusion only.

Given that we can agree on the fundamental truth of Oneness, there is another truth secondary from that on which it is not so hard to agree either.

What am I as a human?

A human is Life with a human body. A human is Existence experiencing itself through human form. A human has the capability to realise & understand the interconnectedness of all co-existence as one and only Existence.

No matter what is our belief systems are we can agree that broadly our individual existence as a human (and even of animals) is of two parts. The nomenclature is secondary. To understand the objects and their functions is of primary importance.

Every human or even an animal’s existence is broadly of two components.

  • The body which is operated by the mind, through which mind percieves the world and also acts in the world. On Earth, the body is made of bio-organic matter. A human body is made of trillions of unconscious cells which constitute the nervous system, brain and rest of the body, and together they act as a vessel for consciousness.
  • Life, which has a soul and a mind
    • The mind which has four layers and through these it desires, visualises, articulates, contemplates, thinks, compares, analyses, hopes, makes choices, tastes the outcomes, comprehends reality, learns and lives with resolve. It senses through the body, percieves the body & the world (through the body) and gives direction to the body to act in the world for living, and for fulfillment of desires, hopes, visualisation and resolution.
    • The soul or the heart is the seat of Consciousness in Self and the master of the mind (albeit passively in unevolved Life and actively in evolved Life). The soul is causal to the mind. It is the manifested activity of unmanifest primordial universal Consciousness present in every being and every thing. Soul has two functions.
      • Soul experiences the mind, body and the world. Soul is the screen on which all experience happens. This screen is blank in deep sleep and in dreaming or awake state, is filled with the experience of perception of the body/world by the mind, and the activity/state of the mind.
      • Soul expresses through the mind in order to experience. It is the causal source of all expression and activity.

The mind and soul together (and inseparably) constitute Life. The body is the vehicle for Life to experience, learn and express (act) in Existence. A human is Life with a human body.

The soul and four layers of the mind

Layers from inside out Name Inward activity Outward activity Force Functions in details
Nucleus Soul Experience Expression based on experience Evidentiality of experience Screen upon which all is experienced. And the projector which projects forward expressions through the mind, based on experience
1 Mind/Budhdhi Comprehension Resolution from comprehension Truthfulness Seeks to understand Truth in its totality based on input from all other layers of the mind. Once understood, it resolves to live or act based on the new understanding.
2 Mind/Chitta Contemplation Visualisation Desire Imagery, sounds, choice of words, memories, counting etc are some of its outward activities. Its inward activity is contemplation which is about evaluating things or statements for their inherent value to Life.
3 Mind/Vritti Analysis Comparision Thinking The likes/dislikes are its outward activities based on comparison of tastes of different choices. Its inward activities include breaking down and analysis of any statement or fact.
4 Mind/Mun Tasting choices Making choices Hope It is attached to the body, percieves through it and gives orders to it to move or do something. It tastes not just through the body but also catches subtle tastes of non-physical experiences.

An unevolved Life uses only the Mun, Vritti in full and Chitta in half (for visualisation). Contemplation, comprehension, resolution, Life learning and its expression is missing.

Life grows with experience and understanding

Life, whether in form of an ant or a human is on a journey of experience where it learns and grows. The more it learns about its nature the better become its experiences. Life is free from physical forces of the universe like gravity. But till it is fully evolved it is bound by the force of desire (to experience). As Life experiences it understands how Existence is, how nature works, and it grows. It realises its true nature as infinite and eternal Existence having (having had and meant to forever have) infinite experiences, through uncountable forms. With manifestation of this knowledge in its mind and soul, Life finally attains eternal satisfaction and peace. As the fan of desires slowly comes to a halt, Life starts to shine forth as source of joy in its existence as co-existence. As Life matures it falls in love with all of Existence (its REAL SELF).

Experience and understanding is knowledge. Knowledge of Existence manifests as love because the fabric of Existence itself is love which is but energy itself. Knowledge is useful.

Anyone can grow

Haven’t you grown since you were born? (Not in the body, but as YOU) Are you not more practical, more mature, more wise in your handling of yourself & the world then what you were before (at least in some ways, if not all)? Growth is about dropping the false personalities and shining forth as how your real individuality (a form of Existence itself) is.

For full growth Life needs to apply the whole of itself

Only the whole can understand the whole of itself. Life can not fully grow by using only a part of itself. In an unevolved Life (only half of) the mind is the master. In an evolved Life the soul is the master and 100% of the mind is at its service. Today most people are living by less than half of their mind. If we were living in a world where we lived with our souls as the master and the full mind as its loyal servant, we would all enjoy an incomparably better experience together. This is what Lifemaker is about.

What is the proof of growth, wisdom or maturity?

The proof of maturity lies in the totality of one’s living i.e. how one lives on a day to day basis. How one thinks, speaks, behaves, works and acts is a reflection of one’s total understanding or maturity. In the inner experience of Life, proof of its maturity is the happiness, satisfaction, peace and bliss it experiences, in the love it feels for everyone, and the outer manifestation of maturity is how it lives selflessly and resolved with the world.