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Events and workshops

We engage with curious people, via our local or remote family incubation program. You can reach out to us or apply anytime via the lifeline

Calendar for 2019

  • Summer camps between April and June 2019. Schedule and main website can be found here

Calendar for 2018

  • 21st March - 28th March, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • May - Informal workshops and meetings with local youth and couples, from Dharamsala area.
  • June 1st - 12th - Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • June 31st - Dharamsala Family gathering and pilot kickstart
  • August - September - Italy and Europe visit and sharing
  • December 25th - General meeting in Dharamsala to present the project to general audience from the neighboring villages/town and welcome members to join and start collaboration

If you curious and wish to explore more with us, please visit us or invite us to your place.

In our workshops we provide homely environment with nutritious food. We also arrange for comfortable stay nearby, since we don’t have our space yet. Ours is an environment of safety/wellbeing/trust (Satsangha), discussions, study, contemplation and meditation. We try to objectively understand the fundamental nature of existence, human being and conduct of humaneness.

Our only request is to come only if there is sincere curiousity, to understand Life in an open frame, live that way and see what happens!

You will require preliminary registration of at least two members from a family. Please contact us through Lifeline for the same.