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A happy, just and equitable society

Self realization, happiness, prosperity and relationships for everyone


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The aim

The aim of Lifemaker movement is to develop the right understanding (truth) within oneself and to live by it, as individuals – on our own right, i.e. with self-discipline; and contribute to a society which ensures the wellbeing of all in continuity, i.e. a self-governing, undivided society which is just and equitable.

To realize a society (with its systems of education and self governance) where there is an all round harmony, beauty and excellence, and a smile on everyone’s face. Guided by universal understanding and consensus on the way to live, this system will tend to unite the humankind as the undivided world family. It will provide a fertile environment and culture to fulfill the most fundamental aspiration and purpose of every human on Earth; from family to family and generation to generation. It will function towards giving everyone a beautiful and fulfilling lifetime on Earth; and cocreation of a beautiful world truly at par with the human capability.

For realizing this we need naturally acceptable, shared understanding of

  • The nature of self as human
  • Existence as coexistence and
  • The way to live with good governance, in a family and grassroots centric way, covering education, health, production/services, distribution, relationships and nurture of nature.

This is an individual and collective endeavour

Your suggestions on our aims, proposals, working model, consensus based undivided self governance or anything else, are most welcome. Your collaboration in any form is welcome. We have tremendous amount of work to do.

Why is universal knowledge or understanding the anchor of this movement?

Every human needs four essential things - understanding, relationship, health and physical facility. Now what is the priority of these? The univeral answer seems to be understanding > relationship > health > physical facility. Knowing these four with their priority itself is an understanding.

But how are we living today?

Physical facility > health > relationships.. And uh, I don’t feel the need to understand much more. I am so busy with my work and have also finished my education!

If a human being doesn’t have understanding, it suffers whether or not realizing it. It stays discontent in relationships, develops poor health and has an unhelpful and unsatisfactory equation with physical facility, even if very rich. Indeed today we are all suffering because of our lack of understanding as individuals and society. It is clear that while we want to educate ourselves and our children, we have so far not even understood who we are as human, what are the needs of a human and what is the fundamental purpose of education for a human. Is education about just getting literacy and skills for getting a professional job? What is education? Hence as a result, today we have a society where there are many problems all around - in individual lives and as a collective.

Realization of universal knowledge and resolution, is the need, purpose, opportunity and challenge of every human life. With knowledge of the self, a human becomes true to itself, i.e. it becomes free of all mental corruption, conflict, tension, fear, stress, worry etc., which arise from assumptions, thoughts, attachments, expectations and desires stemming from an improper understanding. Knowledge, i.e. being the pure self as-I-am, is the only and stable source of happiness, peace, satisfaction and joy, that lasts. Knowledge is the doorway to real, everlasting freedom and self governance. Knowhow and talent, i.e. how to live, navigate, cocreate with the laws of Nature is useful for living as humans. Hence, to ensure holistic education within and in family/society is a need and responsibility of every human. From there the resolution flows contagiously to the rest.

This is Undivided World Family

Here we are not talking of any sect or religion. The object of Undivided human society unconditionally includes and loves every human as part of it, because only with unconditional acceptance we start to be undivided. And reality is that we are indeed undivided by nature, but only divided by our imaginary boundaries and conflicts.

So, everyone is invited to participate in this program by getting introduced to the proposals and attaining self realization and understanding of the same.

image This is impossible. {Only if you believe it is}

Coming together with a shared, universal perspective is our need, opportunity and the only refuge

We may have different viewpoints on nature of Self and reality, different skin color, occupations and opinions, but as humans we are all fundamentally same and thereafter similar. Through honest objective and subjective inquiry humanity as society and each human is bound to understand and realise Truth in the same way, because we exist in the same Truth. Our sameness as humans, the onlyness of Truth (Existence in which we co-exist), honest self inquiry for Truth, and agreement on the way to live, is the (only) unifying ground, which will provide Life the absolute and permanent resolution it needs and seeks.

What’s happening 2020?

  • Pilot by members of Village Saalig & in Dharamsala town, Himachal Pradesh, with help of thinkers and wise humans from India. The village community is starting to get inspired by the vision. We are making and documenting the action plan for next steps, gathering team and have been executing already on the education (understanding) front, which is the main entry point for anyone into the program.
  • Our group is regularly meeting and collaborating as likeminded society members. We are engaging in discussions and documentation of
  • Setting up of online discussion forum and universal education module

We are thankful

  • Thanks to every human of past and present, who has contributed in their unique ways
  • Thanks to all the messengers, philosophers, teachers, scientists, social reformers, parents and all loving beings, for their contribution towards human evolution and upliftment. We wish to see their work to completion. We want to see Humanity reach its full potential.
  • Thanks to the Universal Teacher.

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