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Feel free to reach out to us anytime, for anything

Our contact details are on the left side menu of your desktop screen or the hamburger menu of your phone screen.

We will do the best we can, for you

  • Help you in any way we can
  • Help you develop an objective understanding of Existence and Co-existence as-it-is; and the solution to all our problems.
  • As per need, we will patch you up with someone from our group. Between us and our friends we are experienced in the areas of Self realisation, Self improvement, psychology, philosophy, relationships, health, nutrition, holistic fitness, eco-micro-entrepreneurship, communities, success, natural living, (low cost) travel, holistic education, skill-based empowerment, sustainability, permaculture and gardening, technology, internet, society, animal care, environment etc.

We are happy to be useful in any way, not just limited to the areas mentioned above. We are open minded and we discuss and contemplate in an open frame. So you’re welcome to ask us just about anything!

Our team

All of our experts are personally known and vetted before being included as Lifemakers. We ensure that we take time to get on the same page, w.r.t Life, Existence and Co-existence so that we all share same understanding of Life. We’ll make sure to get you connected with the best possible fit for your need - maybe a family which lives close to you, or an expert from far who can speak remotely.

Since this is a community based initiative, and still in initial stage, allow us some time to respond. You will surely hear back from us. If you are an expert in any domain, you are welcome to let us know and we will keep in mind. Do keep a watch on the online forum, where you can share your best gifts with the rest of the world.

Check out our workshop and retreat calendar. Its best to meet to dive deeper.