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The incubation program is meant to kickstart understanding and living reality as-it-is, as part of united global Human family. It runs for three months.

At the time of start of the program family members take the vow of humane conduct with each other, the society and the Earth. We present to them, the Lifemaker (Universal) way of Life. With this they practise a daily self introspection based Sadhna (practice) for three months. This helps them in inculcating a mutually fulfilling attitude towards co-existence, identifying their shortcomings and becoming better and blissful day by day. Over time this daily practice changes the wiring of how the family thinks and lives, and opens their mind and soul for co-existential perfection and continuity of Shubh.

Post incubation, the programme continues to evolve, as the family goes further deep into its process of education, understanding, awakening and collaboration in Lifemaker’s local and global working model. Lifemakers facilitate each other in the journey of deeper exploration.

The distant programme runs via contact and regular updates through electronic medium. Also the families either make a yearly visit to Dharamsala center, or invite invite Lifemaker team to their village, town or city.

In both the programmes, Life guides from Lifemaker family connects with member families on regular basis, to get them started and evaluate the progress, in a mutual confidence based relationship. Co-located families meet each other once in a month. We share successes and challenges with each other. We help each other in any way possible. The local and global Lifemaker network is accessible to every family for help in form of advice, resources and knowledge. Our online forum will be up soon, for more effective global synchronisation.

At least two members from every participating family must show interest. Children are considered as equals.

Many > Sequence > Arrange > Pattern > System > System and Order

As one family awakens goes through the process of awakening, and finally awakens, it becomes a source of inspiration and role model for positive and meaningful change. Its extended family, friends, colleagues and neighbours; all benefit from it and naturally feel a momentum to become like them. With every new member, the undivided and enlightened human society grows manifold (in quality, capability and possibilities).